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24 augustus 2011

#Lync Plus (lees Voice) CAL tot eind dit jaar lager in prijs.

Om Lync Voice te kunnen gebruiken is een zogenaamde Lync Server Plus CAL nodig. Deze komt bovenop de standaard Lync CAL. Tot 31 december 2011 zal de Lync Plus CAL goedkoper worden aangeboden. Hieronder de mail van Microsoft hierover:

Between now and December 31st, Microsoft is offering a special discount of 20% off Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Plus Client Access Licenses (CALs) and Lync Plus CAL for ECAL Suite CALs, when purchased as a new agreement, mid-agreement add on, or mid-agreement additional license. This limited-time offer provides a cost-effective way for our customers to experience Enterprise Voice, presence, and instant messaging features in SharePoint, Exchange, and Office 2010 at a lowered cost.

Customer Benefit

Organizations that take advantage of the "Turn On Lync Voice" Promotion will save immediately on the cost of licensing Enterprise Voice capabilities from Microsoft while enabling them to adopt a full-scale unified communications platform that can replace their aging PBX or IP-PBX or interoperate with their existing legacy systems to deliver enhanced productivity capabilities while reducing communication and management costs.

Partner Benefits

  • Provides a cost-effective, simplified upgrade path for current Standalone Standard/Enterprise CAL, Core CAL Suite or ECAL Suite customers to roll out a single, unified communications platform that integrates and extends existing investments—on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Opportunity for license revenue and/or services revenue.  This also opens the door for additional add-on solutions such as Exchange Upgrade, VoiceMail Integration, PBX-Integration/Replace, SharePoint Integration, or Custom UC solutions. 
  • Help your customers to reduce costs while increasing capability! 


The promotional pricing for Plus CAL is available to new or existing Lync Standard, Lync Enterprise or Lync Core CAL customers.  The Plus CAL for ECAL Suite offering is available to new or existing Lync ECAL Suite customers.  The promotion is also available as a mid-agreement add on or mid-agreement additional license.

Plus CAL for ECAL SKU is not available in Open Corporate, Open Government, Open Local Government or Open Academic Programs.


Lync Standard CAL is required for the Plus CAL offering. The Standard CAL can be obtained standalone or via the Core Cal or ECAL suite. LNSA for the Plus CAL or Plus CAL for ECAL Suite is required.


20% off of Microsoft pricelist for Lync Plus CAL or Lync Plus CAL for ECAL Suite.

Danny Burlage
MVP Office 365

MVP Office 365