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07 april 2009

BPOS SharePoint Online Table of Content Webpart

Last week we ran into a problem with the SharePoint Online Table of Content webpart. It appeared that the webpart didn't show all the results which it was supposed to. After we looked into this problem we found that it is normal behavior for SharePoint to show a maximum of 50 items. However in SharePoint it is possible to expand the number of results. In order to do this a change in the web.config site should be done. This is described in the following blog article: Table of Contents webpart 50 site limit (http://community.officesharepointpro.com/forums/thread/27307.aspx).

After finding this solution we contacted Microsoft support to have this issue resolved. We asked them to either change the webpart or the web.config. At this point Microsoft couldn't give us an approval on this change. Therefore we are stuck with the 50 item site limit.


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Danny Burlage
MVP Office 365

MVP Office 365